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Scotson Fold Pet Care Centre

Tel: 0161 724 9429 - Fax: 0161 724 1595


At Scotson Fold our Canine Beauticians offer a professional service to cater for the individual needs of every pet. Our groomers have grooming experience of many breeds and this experience is very apparent in their work.

We offer various methods of grooming.

  • "Bath & Groom" is available whereby a pet can come in for a 'shampoo and set' and depart smelling wonderful with a knot-free coat.
  • The "All-In" is basically the 'full works'. This includes a bath & groom as described above with the addition of any clipping / trimming / shaving / de-matting (at a small additional charge) where required. Also involved is the clipping of nails if needed, ears are checked to see if they need plucking and cleaning.
  • Alternatively your pet can come in solely for a pedicure.

Prices vary depending on the breed, coat type and thickness, the condition of the coat and the behaviour of the dog. Prices reflect the time taken to do the pet and so an assessment by one of the groomers is often necessary to enable us to give an accurate estimate. Specific instructions can be discussed with the groomer.

Sometimes, particularly during winter weather, dogs with longer coats can become very knotty and matted if not kept on top of. Depending upon the extent of the matting and an assessment by a groomer, we may be able to de-mat the dogs fur, but this is something we try to avoid. De-matting can be very uncomfortable, painful and unfair on your dog.

We have a wide variety of professional canine shampoo's and conditioners including hypo-allergenic shampoo in case your pet has sensitive skin and the appropriate one is carefully selected depending on the coat.

As our grooming service is becoming more and more popular, please make sure you contact us in plenty of time to book an appointment. In the event of an appointment having to be cancelled, you are required to give at least 24 hours notice to give us the chance of refilling that allocated time slot to another pet.

Scotson Fold Pet Care Centre are members of the Pet Industry Federation and the British Kennel & Cattery Association
Scotson Fold Pet Care Centre Ltd - Registered in England and Wales No 6055976